Jeshra’s Manufacturing facility:

1. Location

Our Factory in Mumbai enjoys the strategic advantage of being situated in a major industrial and commercial hub of India. This location provides access to a skilled labour pool, well-developed infrastructure, and proximity to key suppliers and healthcare institutions, providing easy access to transportation networks, including highways and ports.

2. Factory Layout and Designs

The workshop boasts a well-organized layout designed for maximum efficiency. It comprises distinct areas for manufacturing, quality control, storage, and administrative functions. The layout emphasizes workflow optimization, with clear pathways for materials and products, ensuring a smooth production process.

3. Equipment and Machinery

Our factory is equipped with state-of-the-art machinery and high-tech equipment’s. These machines are specifically selected to meet the high precision and quality demands of blood bank equipment manufacturing.

4. Compliance and Certification

We strictly adhere to all relevant regulatory requirements and industry standards for medical equipment manufacturing, assuring customers of our dedication to product safety and efficacy, as our punchline itself says, Ensuring Excellence Every time. Our commitment to quality is demonstrated through quality certifications like.