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First preference as a manufacturing partner for availing 8 Channel Digital Data Logger, Vertical Laminar Air Flow Bench, Portable Blood Bag Tube Stripper, etc.
About Our Company 

We, Jeshra Instruments Private Limited, with our brand Tecsonic, began with humble beginnings over a decade ago. To meet the rising demand for both domestic and international markets, we now have a big manufacturing capacity and latest facilities. We manufacture and export blood bank and pharmaceutical equipment to a number of nations throughout the world. Our offered line includes Portable Blood Bag Tube Sealer, Portable Blood Collection Monitor, etc. All these creations are tested at our premises before their shipment.

Our primary focus is on producing reliable Blood Bank Equipment and Laboratory Freezers. We are now a well-known brand in the country, with a highly skilled production and sales team. Our primary goal is to become a world-class manufacturer and exporter of blood bank and pharmaceutical equipment, as well as to maintain our high quality standards, timely delivery, and ethical practices. Our objective is to become the number one name in medical industry and the best choice of thousands of clients. 

Looking For The Buyers 

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  • Varanasi
  • Moga
  • Chennai
  • Jodhpur
  • Rajasthan
  • Assam
  • Prayagraj
  • Bikaner
  • Puducherry
  • Jalandhar
  • Guwahati
  • Gorakhpur

  • South America
  • Europe
  • Myanmar
  • Thailand
  • Indonesia
  • Australia
  • Austria
  • Malaysia
  • Philippines
  • Uganda
  • Kenya
  • Egypt

Reasons To Choose Us 

  • We constantly serve our customers fairly and provide them with medical Portable Blood Collection Monitor, Portable Blood Bag Tube Sealer, etc. of great quality
  • Without fail, we ensure that each of our Medical Equipment is delivered on time and in a safe manner to the specified location of clients
  • We always deliver on our bulk quantity pledges without sacrificing the quality or technological features of our products
  • We always trade in a fair and ethical manner, according to strict quality standards

Quality Score 

Our organisation has the highest attention seeking score in terms of quality in the hard field of operating. We agree that first impressions are important, which is why we work hard to ensure that our customers are entirely delighted with their initial impressions of our quality. In order to preserve quality, we never settle for a lower score. Our company constantly assesses quality to ensure that our customers receive the best possible items. We scrutinize our product line for a few key criteria to ensure that we are only providing the best.
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Blood Plasma Freezer
Tecsonic Cryoprecipitate Freezer
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Tecsonic Cryoprecipitate Freezer -80
TECSONIC Cryoprecipitate Freezer Provides an ideal freezing environment for the preservation of Cryoprecipitate, Plasma and test samples. The instruments outer body is made of heavy gauge Mild Steel duly powder coated with Stainless Steel (304) Inner Chamber. This unit Designed to maintain a stable and uniform temperature of up to -80.0C, Vertical and Horizontal with four different sizes. The user-friendly design includes a built-in Stainless steel insulated inner door, and simple calibration is possible via the control panel. This coupled with a visual and audible alarm system, ensures that your samples are both safe and secure, but also easy to access when you need them.
Manual Plasma Extractor
eshra plasma-extractor is a microprocessor based equipment as a compact, portable and highly accurate equipment device used to monitor the collection of a blood donation to protect against over or under bleeding of the patient for homogenous mixing of blood and Anticoagulant without clot formation of blood in the blood bag Which is Safe, secure and reliable blood collection technique Accurate weighing and timely.